At iCare, prevention happens through awareness and service. Through educating adults and youth about the plight of trafficking in our community, we work to equip them with practical ways to keep themselves and their loved one safe. Since the average age of entry into sex trafficking is 13, we must reach the youth right where they are. We are available to share our youth awareness programs in churches, schools, youth serving organizations, PTO’s, and group homes. Women’s and men’s groups are also receiving pertinent information on how to identify and respond to victims. Our training conferences include a mult-disciplinary format with professionals from law enforcement, medical, mental health, social work, and education learning how to work hand in hand to identify and respond to victims.

Call Center/Hotline During Master’s week 2015, iCare partnered with an established call center to reach out to potential victims trapped in the sex industry. We worked with local authorities and established non-profits to develop a response team who could answer the calls and follow specific protocol in a discreet manner to rescue girls.The response to the outreach has led us to work to develop a permanent team of 40 dedicated Christian volunteers who are called to serve in this area. This will require training, background checks, confidentiality waivers, and an ongoing 12 hour per week commitment to be “on call.” To schedule a meeting for your women’s group to discuss, please email

Hotel/Truck Stop Outreach Our second annual outreach to local hotels during Master’s Tournament 2015 was a success. We worked to raise awareness on how to identify sex trafficking victims. A group of about 60 volunteers either prayed,delivered packets, or worked the rescue line/location. The packets included photos of missing young girls reported by the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Several hotels responded with an interest for further help. Recent arrests were made in one of the hotels we flagged during the training. To find out more of what’s to come, or to become a part of this outreach, contact: