River Tree Recognizing that issues of exploitation, addiction, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and jail are traumatic events in one's life that require more than a 30, 60, or 90 day program, iCare has worked with local ministries as well as individuals to provide a safe haven for women to begin their transformational journey. This has been a great start toward our transformation home that will provide a 24/7 haven of healing and help to those who are struggling to break free from a painful past. The first phase of our ministry is seven months of intense Bible Study, reflection, goal setting,and relationship development. Concepts of value, purpose, and boundaries will be discussed in order for participants to secure an accurate view of who they are and who they are intended to be!Upon successful completion of Phase One, participants are invited to apply for Phase Two which promotes them to an independent living home with daily supervision and affords the participants an opportunity for skills training, resume writing, parenting classes (where applicable) and reunification with children. To be accepted into this long term transformation home the participant should have an intrinsic desire to heal and be willing to follow house rules. It is a voluntary program and begins with a 30 day probation period.

River Tree Ranch For Kids iCare began with an earnest desire to bridge the gap for kids who have been lost in “the system.”That is why we provide a home of refuge and healing for children who have suffered from such traumatic events as having a parent(s) incarcerated or deported, having a mother who is caught up in the sex industry, or having a mother who has been trafficked. These children have been referred to as the "other victims of crime.” They are often the forgotten or missing piece to the trafficking nightmare in our country. RiverTree Ranch For Kids, in cooperation with local Juvenile Court Judges and Prison Ministry, offers mothers a chance to begin their life anew by making wise choices for their children. Therefore, if a mother, out of concern for the welfare of her child, so chooses, she may apply to have her child cared for in the loving family atmosphere of River Tree Ranch For Kids. Due to the need for this ministry, plans are underway to build a larger home on a26 acre tract of land. The architectural drawing which was donated to iCare is seen below. With your financial support, we will be ready to break ground by the end of the year. A general contractor has donated his services to build the houses.