Moments with Marie
In May we completed yet another Volunteer Training at iCare. We welcomed 11 new volunteers and are excited to see God continue to multiply our volunteer base. During this most recent class, a sweet volunteer asked “How will we know what we should do?” Maybe you’ve wondered the same thing. So maybe this will help...Each volunteer is given a quiz that may provide more insight into what area they are most suited. They also participate in an individual interview with iCare staff to discuss their strengths and weaknesses.  Our staff prays for wisdom daily not only to know how to respond to the many needs we encounter each day but also how to utilize our volunteers in the most effective way.  It seems that God always places each volunteer exactly where they need to be.  We have mentors who are meeting consistently each week being the hands and feet of Jesus to our clients!  We also have volunteers who have assisted with meals for community luncheons and provided snacks and birthday parties for our girls.  We have volunteers who clean or organize the iCare office, cut a client’s grass, transport clients to necessary appointments and provide for financial needs.  Whatever your skill set, God can use you.  If you’ve ever thought about being a volunteer now may be the time!  For more information regarding how to help us continue to multiply our volunteer base, email Sheila at